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Future development trend of audio equipment

To meet the increasing diversity of viewers' needs, Guangzhou will organize a series of forward-looking activities to provide more technical training opportunities and innovative solutions for the industry. 2017 Guangzhou Exhibition will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Association at home and abroad, invited from the German Performing Arts Association (VPLT), Taiwan Technology Theater Association, South Korea to send device industry association industry experts to the exhibition site wonderful talk, so that overseas experts and scholars to the audience face to face Teach the know-how.
        In addition, the conference will also join the Acoustics Building, the Chinese Society of Acoustics, the Chinese Society of Electronics, the Guangdong Recording Association, the Shanghai Performing Arts Association Stage Professional Committee, the Zhejiang Performing Arts Association Stage Professional Committee and the Guangzhou University Audio and Television Technology Research Institute and other industries Associations and organizations to organize a series of special meetings and forums for the industry to create a set of experience, interaction, education in an efficient platform. Among them, the Guangdong Provincial Association of Performing Arts Association of professional venues work conference, the Chinese show industry associations dance stage industry enterprises Union will be the first to show the opening of the Guangzhou exhibition, to gradually enter the transition period of the Chinese performance market to provide more on business strategy and business direction Of the insight.
        At the next year's exhibition, the organizers will cooperate with the Chinese Society of Acoustics and the Chinese Institute of Electronics for the first time. Prof. Li Xiaodong, PhD supervisor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Shi Huibin, Tsinghua University doctoral tutor, will develop research and development of electro-acoustic products and audio engineering design technology. The content of the wonderful talk.

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