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Future development trend of audio equipment

At present, China has become an important manufacturing base for the world's professional audio products. From 2006 to 2016, the scale of professional audio market in China increased from RMB 10.4 billion to RMB 27.898 billion, which is one of the few industries in the industry. One of the industry. Especially in the Pearl River Delta region, has become China's professional audio products manufacturer's main gathering place, the region focused on the industry more than 70% of the enterprise, its output value accounted for about 80% of the industry's total output value.
        From the product technology, intelligent, network, digital and wireless is the industry's overall development trend, the professional audio industry, based on the network architecture of digital control, wireless signal transmission and the overall control of the system intelligent, will gradually Occupy the mainstream of technology applications. From the marketing concept, the future of enterprises from the previous simple "selling products", and gradually turned to design and services, which will increasingly emphasize the overall level of business services and security capabilities.
        Professional audio is widely used in sports venues, theaters, concert halls, entertainment hall, KTV box, radio and television, tour and other specialized public places and activities. Benefit from the sustained and rapid development of the national macroeconomic and the increasing living standards of the people, as well as sports events, cultural industries and other downstream applications strong push in recent years, China's professional audio industry has developed rapidly, the overall level of the industry has been greatly improved. Industry enterprises through long-term accumulation, is gradually on the technology and brand, etc. to increase investment, to build the domestic mainstream brands, and has emerged in a number of areas in some areas of international competitiveness of the leading enterprises.

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