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In the past few years, the excessive expansion of entertainment, coupled with the political factors in recent years, the suppression of consumer groups, indeed to the professional audio industry has brought a greater squeeze. With the rapid development of society, cinema, KTV and other recreational industries began to thrive, led the professional lighting audio industry development. Among them, the cinema in the country blossom everywhere, for many manufacturers to provide a broad space for development, home theater trends, mainly from the needs of the market, more and more conditional families, began to set up an independent video room or living room audio and video, while Space constraints of the user I must be a diversified entertainment needs, it is necessary to meet the movies, but also compatible with karaoke OK and game integration, so now to configure a convenient use, high quality home video room system, selectable products (Package) is not much.
        Will be professional sound improved to civil groups, in the end is a wave or a flash in the pan, the current can not be completely determined, it depends on the company's product performance and appearance requirements, combined with the needs of the family to decide. But the development of the industry is certainly some space. PA sound dedicated entertainment audio equipment for more than a decade, in 2006 through the market research combined with the application of intelligent home trends. In 2008, the successful definition of public entertainment products and private entertainment products. And Danish engineers on the private entertainment for a series of product development, performance improvement and appearance of the deployment.
        Targeted research and development of the villa intelligent audio and video, living room intelligent audio and video, commercial version of the film KTV video. Each system uses Danish imports of original accessories R & D and production, fully meet the theater, KTV, multi-channel intelligent games, HIFI and other functions.
        With a clear goal, we start from the consumer's mindset:
1, appearance and technology, how to make the appearance of the original civilian sound more refined. How to adapt to a variety of decoration style, is elegant or modern. Audio equipment is to show the luxury or clever hidden.
    2, the applicability of the product, in a family, old age, middle age, juvenile people with different ages, their hobbies are also different, we love for the elderly music, middle-aged friends, children Talent to create, carried out a series of product matching, so that a set of audio products become more abundant, more widely used.
3, convenient operation, in the home, theater, KTV, HIFI, intelligent game, to achieve a key to switch operation. Men and women will use. On the basis of the above points, the first generation of PA sound sound products in the last 4 years, in May 2010 has been on the market for sale, and has been a lot of professional audio agents and civilian audio agents Praise, we will be more confident to develop a better product for everyone to use.

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